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    IntertopsPoker is part of Intertops, a company regulated and listed. With a global poker network of over 500,000 registered players, you can always be sure of playing in style and security at one of the world's favourite poker room.
    The software is nice. You can play 3 tables at once and take notes on other players. The software has a buddy list where you can see if your friends are logged on but you can't locate where they are. There is also a search page where you can filter for games using a certain criteria (example: find all $1/$2 games where the avg. pot is greater than $18). You can also transfer money to other players but it needs to be a minimum of $50.
    Intertops Poker Room is owned by Intertops, one of the very first online poker, casino and sports betting properties on the internet. This can mean only one thing for players, and that is that they certainly know how to run the kind of poker room that gives players good reason to choose them over all the competition out there - with an average of almost 20,000 players on nearly 900 tables at peak times, they`re certainly getting something right.