Betting Help

    We will try to explain here to the people that are extremely new to online betting how exactly things work.

    When you place a bet you are entering into an agreement with the bookmaker. Placing a bet means that you are willing to stake a certain fixed amount of money against the bookmakers to predict the outcome of an event correctly. If you are correct then the bookmaker will pay you the sum of money he has promised to you, when you to placed the bet.
    The way the bookmaker shows the how he rates the probability of an outcome is by giving odds. These odds translate directly as to how much he will pay out compared with how much you are willing to stake on your own prediction for the event.
    The two type of odds are decimal and american.
The decimal odds are simply a multiplier and easier to use. For example if you place bet of 20$ on odds that are 1.5 the possible return is 30$. If the odds are lets say 3.0 the possible return is 60$. Most of the sites listed here use decimal odds because its easier.
The american odds look like this- 5/2. In decimal odds this is 3.5. But this odds are used rarely in online gambling and if they are present you always can choose to change to decimal from some menu in your gambling site. Our site offers US Online
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