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 Intertops Casino

    Intertops' casino is one of the first online casinos, it feels great to play in one of the oldest online casino. Now the casino is very popular, over 200 000 customers make the casino one of the biggest in the net.
    To attract new players, and keep everything fresh, InterTops Casino releases around four new games every month. The new games can be downloaded and added to the casino without having to reinstall the entire casino.
    Microgaming Viper software is used and all the games are of top class with solid functionality, elegant graphics and great sound. The game variety is good with a lot of slots, classic games, blackjack, roulettes and etc and etc... The list can go for maybe 2 pages.
    With a few words, Intertops casino is one of the best casinos for fun and it's always kept nice. The graphics are great and that makes you gambling experience even better.
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